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Once an endeavor to create the “Kool Desktop Environment” (yes, that was its name, just for a day or so) for UNIX, mostly Linux, systems, KDE has shifted its definition from being a tech project to a community of people working towards a common goal of delivering quality free and open source software (FOSS), whether it be in the form of a traditional workspace (a.k.a. “desktop environment”), a myriad of applications covering a wide variety of needs and flavors, or the software framework that makes all of these possible.

My involvement with KDE started with my involvement with FOSS in general, back when I started using Kubuntu in 2006. Since then, I have taken on various roles and made contributions in different areas.

  1. In Kubuntu, I became part of the team of contributors, offering user assistance on IRC and forums, contributing patches to software, and helping with feature development of programs such as D3lphin (the predecessor of the current Dolphin) and the Adept package manager.
  2. I have also assisted in the development of KDE documentation, particularly the Theming Guide for KDE 3.5 and helped set up the KDE UserBase wiki.
  3. I have assisted in several bug triaging activities to help clarify some bug reports or close old and invalid ones.
  4. Majority of my contribution in terms of code has been focused on the Konversation IRC client and the Yakuake drop-down terminal emulator.
  5. These days, I have been more involved with occasional user support on the #kde IRC channel on Freenode, though I look forward to helping out through code once more in the very near future.

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