Super late Q1 2017 Postmortem: all hell breaks loose


Three months has passed and, just like that, the year is 1/4 over. Naturally, it’s time for me to look back at what has transpired in the past months, and I can already tell that it’s going to be a rather painful. Looking back at my post from the same period last year, I could confidently say 2017 has so far not been that kind to me. And that I haven’t been really kind to it either. Quid pro quo, I guess?

CES, MWC, Samsung

By now, this is pretty much standard fare for my line of work, and I think I was more psychologically prepared this time around. It didn’t hurt that CES 2017 felt rather low-key compared to previous years, so it wasn’t as frantic. MWC 2017 was also bearable, save for one incident that has me rethinking a lot about my life. And then there’s Samsung’s solo event, catching up at the last minute. Ironically, from a bigger perspective, these events were the least of my problems.


I’ve never really been a healthy guy, partly because of physiology but also partly because of psychology I guess. I’m always at the mercy of the whimsical nature of weather, which, for the past months, has been rather schizophrenic. Long story short, I had a rather painful two weeks of being sick thanks to what was concluded to be upper respiratory tract infection. In layman’s terms, lots of (painful) coughing, lots of phlegm, and lots of restless sleep. Then there have been fevers and migraines scattered here and there. And just when I thought it was all over, April pretty much told me I was a fool. Yep, got sick again. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t a great way to start the year.

Goals? What Goals?

I sort of complained near the end of 2016 that I packed too much into my schedule and goals for the year, setting big goals for two big projects and setting myself up for failure. Unfortunately, I swung the pendulum to the other extreme this year and practically had no goals or even a battle plan. OK, maybe I had a vague “Big Project” goal, but vague is bad, really bad. It leaves a large gaping hole for “feature creep”, procrastination, and other project ideas to come in. Which, of course, all happened. So now I’m actually juggling three “Big Project” ideas in my head and on my plate. And juggling, especially if your not a juggler, is a very bad idea™.

Crowdfunding Addiction

I have a confession to make. I might have an addiction to Kickstarter/Indiegogo. Forget the nearly a dozen things I backed that have already been delivered, by my last count I’m waiting on at least 5 devices, 2 or 3 of which have a very big chance of not delivering. And they’re not exactly cheap either. That’s not counting the 2 or so software/game campaigns in my list, one of which I’m sure will never deliver (yes, I’m glaring at you Project Phoenix). It’s not like I’m shitting money so, yeah, I need to learn restraint. No more crowdfunding! Famous last words.

Iron Fist

Netflix releasing Iron Fist was a bittersweet moment. I won’t deny that it doesn’t live up to expectation and doesn’t stand up to the high standards that Daredevil and Jessica Jones (Sorry Luke) set. However, Iron Fist (and, for that matter, Jessica Jones) aren’t exactly high-profile Marvel characters, so the fact that they even get a show of their own is already a big thing for any fan. It wasn’t completely terrible and I did find a few good things about the show. They could probably do better in season 2, except, at this rate, there probably won’t be a season 2.

But let me just say it here: Netflix isn’t powerful enough to destroy the Iron Fist! Dramatics aside, some would say that Netflix ruined Iron Fist, but that’s not exactly true. Because it’s not “canon” and it does absolutely does nothing to the comics version of Iron Fist, which continues to live on and continues to be awesome (except for one or few disappointing runs/portrayals).

Iron Fist Sketch


At one point in time, I can’t remember exactly when I decided to try my hand at some webcomics-type of content. Since I didn’t yet have the skills for really artistic presentation, I decided to go the XKCD route and focus more on content, settling for very simple (but not stick figures) representation. Or at least that’s my official excuse. Unsurprisingly, even coming up with entertaining content for a four-panel strip (or should I say, grid) is no walk in the park either. Unsurprisingly, I haven’t been consistent either. I still planning on doing more, and I still plan on getting to a point where the strips will have colors and shading and art that is actually recognizable. But I have no delusions that it’s going to take a lot longer to get there. In the meantime, there can always be fillers …

Zen to Done

I’ve decided to try out Zen To Done or ZTD, from Zen Habits’ Leo Babuta. It was mostly motivated by the fact that it seemed a bit more simple but also more structured than the world-famous GTD. GTD has a great process-oriented system but purposely leaves some things uncovered. Like having no system for goal setting and such. ZTD mostly answers those but, IMHO, in its simplicity still manages to miss a few things (like Project management). So far I’ve been through 2 habits already, as detailed in my post at the start of the month. That has actually gone OK-ish, but the “review” of that deserves a blog post of its own.

Looking ahead

The last quarter was a storm of busy-ness, aimless wandering, and, truth be told, depression. The next few weeks promise to be just as frantic. That said, I feel I’ve kinda recovered my bearings, at least enough to see that I’m not exactly heading anywhere I want. Here’s to hoping that I can correct my course fast enough so that the rest of the year won’t end up as a total waste.

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    I want. Here’s to hoping that I can correct my course fast enough so that the rest of the year won’t end up as a total waste.