I want my April back


About 20 days ago (21 to be exact), I was whining about how things didn’t go so well in the first quarter, especially with regards to my health. Little did I know that the rest of the month will be equally stressful, unhealthy, and unproductive, save, perhaps for these last few days. It’s almost like April passed me by, caught me unaware, and dragged me, unwillingly, along its whirlwind ride. The good news is that April is practically over, which means a chance to start, and hopefully end, May in a better way. Even better news, April didn’t exactly end on a down note either.


Seriously, I need to find ways to not be so fragile. When I was younger, it was a convenient excuse to skip out on physical ed, grueling tasks, or basketball (yeah, sorry). Now, it’s a liability, a crutch, and a huge obstacle. Never mind my impossible dream of some athletic abilities. It would be nice not to feel out of breath after 20+ steps of stairs. Diet was terribly skewed by the holidays and on and off weeks. My gym membership has also lapsed, though I honestly feel it did nothing for me in the four or so months I’ve been religiously exercising (maybe I lack intensity?). Well, I fell off the wagon. Now it’s time to get back on it!


I think I preferred last year’s rather frantic schedule to this year so far. By Feb last year, I knew where I wanted to go. I had a goal. I even had a map. Sure, maybe I overestimated my time and energy budget and didn’t take into account the cost of context switches, but at least I had something.

The past four months, I’ve been wandering aimlessly, pushed and pulled by tides and whatever forces act on me. Some might like living that way but I certainly don’t. It’s not that I have nothing I want to do. I just couldn’t make up my mind which one. I’ve always been stumped by the question of which project or plan or goal to do first, given how time is a very limited and non-renewable source. Paralyzed by indecision, if you will. Fortunately for me, this one does have a slightly good ending. Thanks to some well-timed and well-placed “common sense” advice from a friend, I did manage to pick out which project to take on for this year. It’s amazing how one simple solution could really open the floodgates of inspiration and productivity. Hopefully, I’ll have something more concrete to share next month.

ZTD “Break”

April was supposed to be for implementing ZTD (Zen To Done) habit #3, Planning. So it is utterly ironic that that plan went south. Hard. A conspiracy of events, circumstances, and character flaws kept me from starting that. I figured, it’d be OK if I just continued with Habits 1 and 2 (Collecting and Processing) in the meantime, right? Wrong! Or rather, not having to do #3 gave my brain some excuse not to make sure I keep doing #1 and #2 as well. At least some of the habit forming in Feb rubbed off a bit. Not entirely, but at least some.

I also grossly underestimated the subconscious hurdle of trying to note every thought that comes to mind (that needs to be noted, of course). Even with an always-at-hand smartphone, taking a few taps before I’m even able to start typing something down is one step too many. A stylus might work great but only if you don’t have to fumble around for one when you need it. Maybe a physical notebook would be better, which is something I’ll have to try out again. I really do miss having a Galaxy Note phone. Gonna wait for half a year to see what the future holds.

In the meantime, on to May!

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