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Juan Carlos G. Torres” (“G” is for “de Guzman”, which, in the Philippines, is designated as the middle name) in formal cases, “Carlo” to family and friends, “JC” at work, and “Jucato” online. I currently work at R3 Media LLC in dual roles of Managing Editor for Android Community and edtior for SlashGear. In my spare time, I try to help out in KDE, lately mostly in user support at the #kde IRC channel, but previously contributing code as well in Konversation (a no-nonsense IRC/chat app) and Yakuake (incredibly handy “drop down from the sky ala Quake” terminal emulator).

See my Curriculum Vitae for a more formal presentation.

Education and Skills

I finished my tertiary/college education from two esteemed universities. First was the University of Santo Tomas where I received my Bachelor of Arts Classical major in Philosophy, Magna cum laude in 2004. The second was the University of the Philippines Open University, the distance education program of the premiere state university, where I received my Diploma in Computer Science in 2010.

These seemingly polar opposites equipped me with useful skills in the industry, particularly in the field of technical writing. In software development, I am trained in the use of C and C++, though I personally prefer the latter. I am also familiar with programming languages such as Python and Lua, languages useful for writing software tools and game scripting. Due to my involvement with KDE, I also have an affinity for using the Qt application framework and the KDE Frameworks libraries. I am also in the process of getting familiar with Android from the software development perspective.

Interests and Hobbies

Software and Technology

My primary interests of late have naturally revolved around technology, particularly computers, mobile devices, and software. Software development, though no longer a dream profession, remains a strong passion which I try to engage in when time and energy allow it. I am a firm believer in the open source culture and as such use and try to develop similar software as much as possible (there are, of course, exceptions). Of late, mobile platforms and software have become an obsession. Fortunately, Plasma Mobile represents an intersection of all of that.

Game Design and Development

I consider myself a seasonal but keen gamer, with an inclination towards RPGs more than other genres (Let’s just say that I suck at FPS. RTS, and MOBA). I look both with fondness and dread at my past as an MMORPG addict (Ragnarok Online forever!), where I have form bonds that extend beyond the computer screen. But more than the playing of games themselves, I am even more interested in how they are made. Game design and development are just as much my obsession, especially since they intersect with software and technology. Like any gamer, I dream of making my own game, a game engine even, someday!

Art and Anime

I have also dabbled in art, with varying results, in particular, drawing and digital painting (I have a thing for styluses). Partly as a hobby and partly in relation to game design. My interest in art, however, is not as deep or as profound as a true connoisseur, mostly limited to game assets, concept art, comics, and anime. Specifically, I have a fondness for the manga/anime style more than the Western types found in most comics, though I do love those as well, especially ones from Marvel. I am an anime fan, but again probably not as well-informed as many others.

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That’s me in a nutshell. Of course, you can also get to know me through my social networking presence via the links below.


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  2. Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik

    So this is where you got lost to ;)

  3. Jed

    panalo. like your site. turuan mo ko cpp! :) goodluck on everything.

    parting shot:

    you’re 70 years old with your grandchildren grown up that they no longer distract you in your advanced age. you wander your way to the basement and find your old computer… the one with a keyboard in it. you plug it in.. it flickers… then a *nix like operating system appears. you get excited. you forgot what flavor of *nix it is. you try to login without thinking… leaving it all to muscle memory typing in your password. you click around clumsily, arthritis far too advanced for real mouse work. then you manage to open a terminal. your fingers start to fly, albeit, slowly on the keys. they seem to know the keys they should press. then you’re surprised to see “irssi” typed on the terminal. you hold back, then you press the ENTER key…..

    Looking up irc.freenode.net
    Connecting to irc.freenode.net [] port 6667
    Connection to irc.freenode.net established

    *** Looking up your hostname…
    *** Checking ident

    A flood of energy goes through your ragged veins. You’re in.

    Then you type “/j #support-ph” and hit Enter…


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